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Monday, October 02, 2006


Kepty WAF scaffolding

The Kepty web application framework got a new addition today... Scaffolding. It's been planned for a while, but I was trying to avoid it until all the other pieces were getting together properly. Database-generated forms are great, but they also took too much away from the user end. The forms generated by the scaffold are code-based, meaning you can modify them as you please. With my current working application I have a database with a table named "posts." I simply use this command:

kepty scaffold posts

And I get an application for modifying and browsing the posts table. It's mounted as name: posts, location: /posts
automatically. Browse to http://serveraddress/posts and you get this:

It's a start. My intentions for the scaffolding process with the kepty WAF are to keep something that can actually be used in production that's professional and easily modified (code generation at a low level instead of something like form(table), although possible). In any case, take a look at the sourceforge project page for more.

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