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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


do away with pkg-config and combine your libraries

Short rant, but to hell with gnome for their libraries and dependencies. Just package glib, pango, atk, gtk, gtkmm, glibmm, and every other freaking pain in the ass library I need to install to get the gimp up and running in ONE thing!

Pat from Slackware thought the same thing, and I'm sure the folks over at Freerock curse your name every time a new library comes out. ARGH!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sample registration form

Heh. The framework's getting MUCH easier to use... And it's still not quite where I want it... Here's a quick little sample, a user registration process. This is the ENTIRE thing. Form validation, generation, database entry,
etc. We've even got a great captcha generator that handles them fairly transparently.

A focus on finishing up unit tests comes tomorrow after work... After that I'll be doing a separation between the server and framework, and then a few touchups and additions to the library and it's ready for the first alpha release... (it might be a while).

import kepty
import datetime
from kepty.lib.forms import *
from kepty.lib.scaffolding import validate_input

# Create a form...
class RegisterForm(FormSkeleton):
username = CharWidget(fv=Validator(min_length=2))
password = PassWidget(fv=Validator(field_match='password_confirm'))
password_confirm = PassWidget()
email = CharWidget(fv=Validator(is_email=True))
birthdate = DateTimeWidget(fv=Validator(max_age=18))
description = TextWidget(fv=Validator(min_length=2))
captcha = CaptchaWidget(fv=Validator(valid_captcha=True))

# Creates a quick template file... We delete this command as soon as it's been run.


def register(request, errored=False, registration=RegisterForm):
if registration == None:
return dict(RegisterForm=RegisterForm())

return dict(RegisterForm=registration)

user = kepty.lib.database.ORM.create('users')

return "Thanks! You've been registered, %s!" % user.username

application = kepty.make_app(
(r'^/register$', register)

kepty.mount('/tester', application, 'tester')


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