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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Fluxbox .9 to 1.0rc2

I just made the switch from a development .9 version of Fluxbox to the second release candidate for v 1.0. Nicely done Fluxbox developers! Everything is very responsive and I'm glad you brought back the external tabs. I'm happy.

But, for those of you who set up your Fluxbox configuration a while ago, and happened to modify the placement of your minimize, maximize and close buttons, it's a shock to see them reset to the standard Windows positions. In any case, the configuration settings are in your ~/.fluxbox/init file:

session.screen0.titlebar.left: Close Minimize Maximize
session.screen0.titlebar.right: Stick

The above are adjusted for my preferences (as if that wasn't obvious) so change them to your preferred setting.

Take it easy all.

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