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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Soon forget: Daily impact

Ah. The event that most hit me this evening came from what seems an unlikely source, a Pearl Jam song, "Soon forget." Not certain whether or not it's a cover, but that's beside the point at the moment...

"Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette,
Thinks he'll get the girl, he'll only get the mechanic.
What's missing? He's living a day he'll soon forget.

That's one more time around, the sun is going down,
The moon is out, but he's drunk and shouting, putting people down.
He's pissing, he's living a day he'll soon forget.

Counts his money every morning,
the only thing that keeps him horny.
Locked in a giant house, that's alarming.
The townsfolk, they all laugh.

Sorry is the fool who trades his love for a high-rise rent.
Seems the more you make equals the loneliness you get,
and it's fitting, he's barely living, a day he'll soon forget.

That's one more time around, there is not a sound,
he's lying dead clutching benjamins.
Never put the money down. He's stiffening, we're all
whistling, a man we'll soon forget.

Although a bit crudely put for such a slow, harmonious piece,
I tend to trust the wealthy, drugged up artists' interpretation
of money and success more than I would Mr. Average Joe. Although
I'm not necessarily rolling in the dough, I do long to have
an easy life.

A man we'll soon forget... Hopefully not reader, hopefully not.

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