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Thursday, August 24, 2006


A cocky little spammer.

I've gotten a load of these spams recently, all of which contain an image which seems
designed to evade some kind of spam-detection OCR...

I can do a bit more research, but right now I don't really have the time. What the hell is the purpose of doing this? Does current spam protection actually scan each image? How many of us have anything installed that's not just a simple bayesian-based detection scheme? Where can
I get a hold of it? And wouldn't adding the distortions to that image take a little too much time that the spammer should know to avoid (Read my blog. I know about dynamic image creation and the time it takes, by the way).

I should probably add the following text was attached in an effort to bypass it:

your meds directly from the manufacturer,
see attach for details
followed Commander Alphamega out, leaving Floyd prisoner in the chair.
the seconds to doomsday.


So, as is pretty obvious, this was flagged immediately. Probably a combo of the meds, manufacturer and length of the message... But wow.

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