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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Diet Mountain Dew, Where Art Thou?

Mountain dew is my blood. Five or six tasty, energy boosting 2-liters enter my system daily. The juice fills my body with warmth, wakes me up, and just makes me pretty damn happy. Somehow it even gets rid of those headaches I get when I haven't had it for a while :) After a 75 pound experience with regular mountain dew I decided to switch to the diet stuff. A year later the weight is gone and my desire for the substance only stronger.

Imagine my surprise then when I walk into the supermarket and the stuff isn't there! None of it. Okay, I thought. A switch to good ol' diet pepsi in the interum would be fine... No. Turns out I need the green-yellow juice. Nothing else will do. Diet Dr Pepper sticks to my throat, Diet Pepsi doesn't have the kick (nor do Diet Orange Soda or Diet A&W)... What's a simple programmer to do? Apparently my hunger for this stuff has caused a short in supplies in the Southwestern US. What else explains it? I stumbled into about nine different supermarkets today, and finally picked off the last that one of them had (5 two-liters), so I'm good for today... But what about tomorrow?

If you are a representative of the Pepsi corporation, I beg that you a) send more supplies to the Albuquerque area immediately, and b) sponsor me. I'll post your ads all over this page, I'll scream your name from my rooftop, I'll wear your shirts, I'll put bumper stickers on my car... Anything! And for those of you who live in areas with a steady supply of Diet Mountain Dew, please help a brother out :). If you think I'm joking, I'm not. my phone:

505-991-0973 (or call my room-mate: 505-991-1143)

and my e-mail:

james [at] tweekedideas [dot] com

Thank you all for your support! Good night, and good luck, James.

Update: (Jul 29, 2006) stores are stocked :) Thank you, The Pepsi Corporation. The offer for sponsorship still stands.

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