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Saturday, June 17, 2006


captchas are too much fun

Hey everyone, I've been writing a bit of code at ASPN's Python Cookbook... I figure when I come across something nice for others to know I'll put it somewhere that gets a bit more traffic.

HTML Div parser
Event Scheduler

I was using a more complicated event scheduler, and decided I wanted to simplify it a bit, so that's the product of that. I also can't really avoid the captcha draw, so I started working on a new algorithm just in case people start breaking my old images (which hasn't happened yet, but wouldn't be all that hard). Here's a screenshot:

I'm using psyco because without it they're just too slow, but I've got optimization plans... I'm also going to add either some sort of disguising line, or a randomly shifted grid. I'll run some AI tests against them to see what the best idea would be. Plans to incorporate different colors also exist, but let's be honest: if a system is designed well enough, spammers won't matter to the users, and in the end, if your system can't handle the load placed on it by spammers, it shouldn't be up in the first place, so my fascination with these things is admittedly unfounded.

Have a good one!


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