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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Google Wins Hearts and Minds of Geeky User Base! (And case in court)

If you haven't already heard from slashdot or the google blog (linked above), Google has won (to an extent) it's case in court. The government will not be getting all of the information it requested. In fact, it will be getting MUCH less. So go ahead and read the blog, and be happy that the best search engine today is still fighting for us.

By the way, in case anybody wants to start a war here, I do understand that fighting the government on this issue was in the best interest of the google share-holders, but I also realize that the interests of google's share-holders is in line with the interests of the general public in this case. I've read the debates on slashdot, so if you're looking for a fight, I'm ready to fight :)

Take it easy everyone,

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