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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Learning every day

Hello everybody. Like I was saying the other day, I got my first big site on the internet: matchstd.com, a location where individuals who have tested positive for any number of different stds (or just one), can find other individuals with the same stds... It's a good site, and it looks great (I'm no designer, but I'll give myself a pat on the back).

I learned quite a few things putting this system up. My development computer has apache 2, cherrypy 2.2beta and a plethora of other installed packages that make my life easier. The transition, however, to the main server (python-hosting.com), made my life a little more difficult. Their service is great, but I had never moved a site that utilized so many features (I've stuck up PHP sites on various services, as well as some simple CGI and static pages), and was so complex. I'm just happy a solution out there existed for python hosting that already included most of what I needed (python 2.4, sqlobject, kid, etc.) Anyway, a few pointers:

I'll put more up later... Or maybe not, but I hope some of those work out for you. Now, to the organization I mentioned. I've found the following setup makes things very easy to create both a web site, and programs that utilize the site's hidden engine:

Okay. If anybody wants some input, feel free to comment!


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