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Monday, November 28, 2005


A new laptop for linux!

Hello everyone,

I've been working on my HP ze4420us for a while now. I've got several posts regarding it, but things may very well change. My father purchased a laptop from Walmart a little while ago, and decided that since I'm the one who uses my computer for big projects all the time, he'd let me keep the new one if I gave him my old one. Great, right?

The only problem is that I remember my experiences setting up linux on this laptop (HP), and don't want to go through that month-long process again. So far though, I've spent only a few hours, and already have wireless support (rt2500, which offers better support than any linksys wireless card :)), and all of my settings copied over... In addition, the new laptop sports the fancy USB2.0, which might come in handy if my christmas gift is that of an electronic music device (wink, wink), and four of them at that. The processor is an Intel, and not an AMD, which gets me kind of messed up inside, but it's got double the L2 cache, a higher FSB (400mhz), although 200mhz less clock speed. The HP's got a quiet keyboard, and a case that doesn't seem like it's going to break when I pick it up, and the touchpad is much larger and, in my opinion, easier to use. I'm still working on the proper kernel compilation for the new computer, but it doesn't seem like the SiS graphics card works as well as the ATI IGP card in the HP.

Since there's no guide for linux installation on the linux on laptops site for this model computer, I'll probably put one up when I'm done... I still have to make the decision though, and wish I could keep both... Next year I'm working for a powerbook.

'Till next time,

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