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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Gentoo Update

So I've finally gotten a few things done with Gentoo! My system is in the process of installing PHP5 on top of my mysql and apache2 installations... Hopefully everything will go well..

I think that the gentoo system is a pretty amazing distro. Portage, although quite difficult to get working properly at the moment, seems to be something I'll end up loving in the future. I use the KDE desktop, and I like to have things looking pretty good, so I decided I needed the taskbar v2, which allows the taskbar to be fully transparent. I try an emerge --search, and then an emerge --searchdesc to try to find the ebuild for this software, and failed. I couldn't find an e-build anywhere, and that put me in a very strange place. (I've been up now for over 50 hours, probably around 42 when I ran into this problem). How can I get this software installed? I figured a ./configure && make && make install wasn't the appropriate thing to do on a gentoo installation, and after about 30 minutes of research figured out my only solution would be an ebuild. Now remember, I have not yet attempted to actually figure out the portage system. I vimmed up the skeleton ebuild and started editing. In the end I got something like this:

# Copyright 1999-2005 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

inherit kde eutils
DESCRIPTION="Taskbar v2 - allows transparency in the taskbar. "

# http://www.uni-weimar.de/~wolff3/kdelook/mtaskbar-0.7.tar.bz2

#I'm not distributing the .ebuild, and I didn't actually look up
#licence of mtaskbar, sorry.


KEYWORDS="~x86 ~i686"


#I had to figure out how this works, since the source didn't extract in a
# normal way:
#echo ${WORKDIR}/${P}/${PN}

src_compile() {
econf || die "econf failed"
emake || die "emake failed"

src_install() {
make DESTDIR=${D} install || die
#einstall || die

And I know it's probably the ugliest thing an experienced gentoo user has ever seen, but guess what? It works! I finally have a nice desktop with the transparent titlebar!

So I've still got to set up my openssl stuff with apache, and really need to recompile my kernel for iptables (don't believe I forgot to do that). But I've got wireless up and running, and my desktop pretty much the way I want it. Welcome Gentoo!

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