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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Keeping my laptop cool

Last night as I was going to bed, I stared at the ceiling and wondered how I would keep my laptop free of dust. I've got an hp pavilion ze4420us (slackware-current and FULLY functional (including 3d acceleration, YAY), and I live in a very dirty room - as most males my age do. Since there's quite a bit of dust in here, the fan on this thing gets clogged regularly. About every day I squirt some compressed air into the fan intake, and every month I open the thing up completely to clean it out. Since I have no money - as most males my age don't - I decided I need something more affordable than compressed air. My roommate thinks it's necessary to do laundry every week (don't worry, I still smell fine), and she's got loads of dryer sheets. I wasn't too sure whether or not that would work, so today I started browsing the internet, and came across this:


What'd'ya know!? So I cut up a dryer sheet, and put it over the intake fan... My idle CPU temp jumped from 50 to 58 degrees, but if I don't have to worry about the dust, that's just fine. I'll take a look at the sheet in a week and see just what it catches. If it's got something interesting I'll find a way to get a photo of it up here (btw: will take your old digital camera :) ).

As for the AJAX syntax highlighter... Someone on sitepoint the other day was looking for some help making a guestbook for his daughter's web page, so I decided I'd help out and write one for him. It's pretty advanced, and I'll get you more information about that one when I'm done with it.

I'm also thinking of moving this blog. I don't like the way that blogger is set up. I can't upload files easily, categorize entries, etc. So once I find something better I'll try to export this to it.

Take it easy everybody!

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