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Thursday, September 08, 2005


AJAX in-page browser pt 2

So. I've been working with my AJAX browser, and I've come across a problem. I set up user authentication with a script that is executed with every page that loads on the server... It checks to see whether or not the encrypted cookie or the session variables for log-in are accurate, and will forward to the log in page if they are not. I have an exception page array, which contains a list of pages that are allowed to be viewed by users who are not logged in. This makes things very secure.

The AJAX browser I'm using in the form allows the user to browse through category information, specifying what category they would like to place their entry into. When the request is made to the script that loads the category information, the included file checks to see whether they are logged in or not and the log in page is displayed in the AJAX browser. The AJAX browser does not allow for the reading of the PHP session if it is in a cookie...

If such a system is in place, the easiest solution is to force the PHP session id into the GET array passed to the div browser...

Because of the authenticating include, you will also need to make sure that PHP sets the correct session id:


Pretty easy... I guess you now know I couldn't think of anything to write today :)

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