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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The AJAX Syntax Highlighter ... Coming soon!

Note: Still looking for file hosting. All open source stuff, just many different projects / advice pieces in one place. Anybody who's interested, please e-mail me (jkassemi at gmail dot com). Thanks.

Remember when I said I was going to work on that syntax highlighter with AJAX and the DOM? Well, I found the tool I'm going to use... http://colorer.sourceforge.net/

It offers loads of syntax highlighters, and it will be VERY easy to get this project done with it. The question is now whether I work directly off of the API and create code that everybody on all systems can use it with ( I have no life option ), or just use shell_exec ( I have no life option ( DAMN ) ) to read the output of the syntax...

Well, only time will tell, as today I only have a very limited of time to do anything but work. I'm right in the middle of some more optimizations and bug fixes for my main project. I'll probably have the code up tomorrow.

Until next time!

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