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Friday, August 26, 2005


Martial arts are geeky

I've been struggling with this one for a little over two weeks. I take martial arts. Does that make me a geek? The question was raised after I watched "Napoleon Dynamite," a movie which I don't really understand. How can a film written by an average joe high school student (I don't really know if it was, but there wasn't anything special in it) about a semi-surrealistic high school, an obviously imaginary disfunctional family, and a fully grown idiot be a success in the box office? Never mind. This is America. I'm not surprised.

So I'm laboriously struggling through this film, and along comes the dojo visit. Inside the karate school are twiggy nerds, unsuccessful geeks and scrawny misfits listening to a redneck instructor screaming nonsense. I realize that this film was written by idiots, and would contain scenes that mirror their views on life. Several days passed, and one night I sat down in front of the television once more (I do waste my life away frequently), and a discovery channel show, "Is it Real?" popped up on the guide. I watched it, and along came a dojo scene. This one with a pot-bellied red-necked ball of a man who allegedly mastered the "chi no-touch knockout."

After several demonstrations I took a look at the audience. To my amazement, it was very Napoleon Dynamitish. Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering and Star Trek are apparently still all the rage. So I burried my head in my hands and cried. I had given up such obsessions years ago... Was I still a geek? I decided to lay it out:

Style"Got Root" T-Shirt/JeansRegular T-Shirt/JeansDown with SCO T-Shirt/Jeans
HealthNo ExerciseFootballMartial Arts
CarVolkswagonMustangStratus + No Gas
Operating SystemBSDWindowsLinux
Coming to ConclusionsGraphsConclusions?Tables/Graphs

So. You add them up. I'm clearly not a geek... But I don't quite match the normal column, either. So what am I? I leave that to you... My non-existent audience...

'Till next time everyone.

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